Principal’s Report to the LSC – 11/9

Purpose To provide updates at Kelvyn Park School from Instruction, Culture & Climate, Parents & Community, and Operations lenses to provide the LSC with a holistic understanding of the organizational improvement efforts. Instruction Conducted 1-on-1 interviews with all staff members at Kelvyn Park. Questions were asked to gain insight into staff members’ perspectives on Kelvyn…

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Newsletter – Fall 2019, Issue 2

Kelvyn Park School in black and white

Principal’s Note Dear Kelvyn Park Parents, I know that I speak for many when I say that I am relieved to have your children back with the teachers and staff at Kelvyn Park. Excited and energized voices once again bounce off the walls of the hallway, fill the cafeteria, and re-invigorate us. The time apart…

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