Have A Voice

Local School Councils are an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators but parents the opportunity to make important decisions about how their children will be educated. It is through these decisions that parents are connected with; educators to better align family and community engagement goals to student achievement; community members to help leverage community resources for the school; and other parents to share best practices and success stories.

LSC membership is a reflection of engaged and empowered parent, community, student, and educational leaders. It is through LSCs that parents are given a unique opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making table and engage in student-driven dialogue with community members, educators, students, and other parents.

Member Structure

Traditional Local School Councils consist of the following members

6 Parents

2 Community Members

2 Teachers

1 Non-Teacher Staff

School Principal

Student Rep (HS LSC)

Current LSC Representatives

Kelvyn Park Staff and Faculty Photo Place Holder

Maria L. Toribio Patino

Parent Representative

Kelvyn Park Staff and Faculty Photo Place Holder

Roberto Estrada

Teacher Representative

Kelvyn Park Science Teacher Thomas Unger

Thomas Unger

Teacher Representative

Kelvyn Park Staff and Faculty Photo Place Holder

Elsa Delgado

Staff Representative

Kelvyn Park principal Keith Adams

Keith Adams


Kelvyn Park Staff and Faculty Photo Place Holder

Karen Menez

Student Representative

Join Virtually

Meetings Held Monthly

Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on Google Meet and public participation is welcomed virtually.

Meeting Dates
2020 - 2021 School Year

09/08/21 - 6:00 pm  
10/13/21 - 6:00 pm
11/10/21 - 6:00 pm
12/08/21 - 6:00 pm
01/12/22 - 6:00 pm
02/09/22 - 6:00 pm
03/09/22 - 6:00 pm
04/13/22 - 6:00 pm
05/11/22 - 6:00 pm
06/08/22 - 6:00 pm

Meeting Minutes

LSC Minutes 8/5/2020

Minutes from the Kelvyn Park Local School Council held virtually on the 8th day of August, 2020. Also present, in addition to the regular Local School Council members were Aida Palma Carpio, Ana Rodriguez, Carolina Herrera, Caryn Lichtenberg, Christopher Montoya, Cynthia Taines, Eduardo Cordero, Huu Nguyen, Jennifer Martinez, Jocelyn Hernandez, Jose Ortiz, Juliet de Jesus…

Have A Question For Our LSC?

Each LSC meeting we have a time set aside for public participation. If you have a question or an idea that you would like to share with the LSC, please fill out the form below and we will do our best to address them at our next meeting.