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How Will You Create?

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower students by tapping into their creative instincts. By giving them creative academic programming such as an art integrated curriculum and "habit of mind" initiative we are changing the engagement of our students and developing their creativity, curiosity, and intellect in a way that educates the whole student.

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Why should you consider kph?

Kelvyn Park Junior & Senior High School is more than just a school; It’s an opportunity for students to grow and develop their whole person. KPH is a fine and performing arts school with art integrated instruction across the curriculum. Additionally, we offer two CTE Pathways, and SEL supports that help our students learn to manage their emotions while achieving their goals. Also, to ensure equal education for ALL, we provide both inclusion and self-contained classrooms for our special education students.

Fine & Performing arts program

Our Fine & Performing Arts Program allows students to explore a range of artistic disciplines, from media and visual arts and music to dance and theater. Whether they are just starting or looking to pursue more advanced instruction, we strive to meet each student at their level and help them grow as artists.

Visual Art

Media Arts




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Inclusion & Self contained

At KPH we offer both inclusion and self-contained classrooms to meet the needs of all our students. Inclusion classrooms allow students with special needs to learn alongside their peers, while self-contained classrooms provide a more intimate setting where students can receive the individualized attention they need.

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We offer an opportunity for empowerment for both students and teachers by being able to provide new clubs based on their interests. We feel this is an excellent way for everyone to get involved in something they are passionate about, and it also helps strengthen our sense of community within the school.

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kph Athletics

We offer a variety of boys and girls sports for our junior high school and high school students throughout the academic year, including; soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and baseball.

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