Forming The Future, We Are

Growth Minded

In order to change our current state, we must understand our past, visualize our future, and start taking steps towards it in the present. Our community and relationships empower our students to do this. 

Why Should You Consider KPH?

Resillency | Perserverence | Creativity | Compassion | Intimacy

KPH not only provides strong programs for students that lead them to opportunities after high school, but grows and matures them socially, emotionally, and allows them to access their intellectual potential. 


Our Core Pillars

Students | Parents | Staff | Partners

“It is no exaggeration to say that today at KPHS the faculty and staff are all breathing lighter and dreaming larger under the new leadership of Dr. Keith Adams. Their dreams and goals are to improve academic outcomes for students through simultaneously providing them with more opportunities for academic and enrichment activities in a safe and healthy environment in order to nurture their psychological needs.”

–LNSA Leader and Community Partner, January 2020.

Kelvyn Park Hermosa Junior and Senior High School white logo of panther and butterfly

Our Identity

Our school is no longer known as KP. Now KPH, our school is safer and healthier than it has ever been. Our students are engaged, our community is leaning in, and our staff and faculty are excited to be part of our future.

With all that we have done in our short time this school year, we're excited for the days, months, and years ahead. We are the Heart of Hermosa, and we have not only listened but have learned from our past and are living for the future!

It's in that vein we are here. If you are looking to change your future, you are welcomed here.

Our Outcomes

Resilience | Perserverence | Creativity | Compassion | Intimacy

As our focus is building strong relationships with our students, we are making strides in many areas that affect our student outcomes. That data below speaks for itself. 

Culture of Community

KPH is now a safe space building health relationships within our community

Core Values

New standard of professionalism, nurturing and accountability.

Male Mentorship

Males now 3Xs less likely to spend time out of school for behavioral related incidents.

Increased Support

Response to Discipline is 100% corrective, in most cases being the only needed support.

Established Identity

Re-visualized the true nature and dynamic and trajectory of the school. 

Decreased Suspensions

On a 3-Year Trend, KP continues to help decrease suspensions by 80%.

Revitalized Image

Revisualized our school in a way that reflects our students and community. 


70% of staff are bilingual in conversational Spanish, increasing engagement

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is implemented to coach and develop our students’ SEL skills

Our CTE Pathways

Digital Media

Digital Media

Learn the foundations of design, earn Adobe certification, and prepare for a career in the creative field.

Allied Health

Allied Health

Gain real life practice and application, earn certifications, and prepare for a career path in health science.



Through team building activities and physical training, learn life lessons and prepare for life after graduation.

Our Investments

Maximizing Opportunities For Students And Families

$300,000 Funding Raised

While a smaller school size has its benefits (a tighter teacher to student ratio, the ability to be known and connected, customization), resources can be challenging to attain.

With new leadership, direction, and vision, KPH was able to advocate and raise close to $300,000 in funding to create opportunities for students and its community. Who knows how much more we could have raised this year!

What Does That Mean For You?

  • $80,000 raised by LSNA for after school and summer enrichment programs
  • Established track for digital media Internships and apprenticeships
  • Finalist for CPS Fine Arts magnet program
  • PRO KP - Teacher led stakeholders mobilizing our message
  • Active Local School Council
  • Empowered Schools (47K)
  • 143K grant

Financial Workshop

KPH hosted it's first Financial Workshop to help families learn the basics of financial stewardship.




"I love the work that's happening and I am seeing how God is moving things around to make this place better!

Well, people around the school are worried about safety, they are worried about gangs.  I decided to volunteer and come into the school to offer some support for my kids because I wanted to make things better. I was ok with volunteering and making less money at the time and now I work here full time. It's about making what you have better!"

- Ms. Vivian Figueroa

We Listen.

It's what we do as the Heart of Hermosa.

To say we listen means nothing if you do not actually put things into action. Because we have listened, our C.o.R.E values have allowed us to...


Student Voice



Kelvyn Park Students In Class


KPH Staff

"I haven’t seen this many smiling faces in the hallways in many, many years."

KPH Student

“I actually enjoy coming to school this year.”

KPH Student

“They [staff] actually listen to us. Even if they don’t agree with what we’re saying, they listen to our side of the story.”

KPH Student

“It just feels happier here.”

KHP Student

“I’m not afraid of the adults anymore."

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