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Principal’s Report to the LSC – 3/11


To provide updates at Kelvyn Park School from Instruction, Culture & Climate, Parents & Community, and Operations lenses to provide the LSC with a holistic understanding of the organizational improvement efforts.


  • On 3/23, CPS officials will visit KP to assess our readiness for the Fine & Performing Arts Program. This is the final step of the application process and we will have a final word in April. During this visit, officials will engage in the following: 
    • Welcome (8:30am-8:45am) 
    • Leadership Focus Group (8:45am-9:15am) 
    • Parent/LSC Focus Group (9:20am-10:00am) 
    • Student Focus Group (10:05am-10:45am) 
    • Teacher Focus Group (10:50am-11:30am) 
    • Classroom Visits (11:35am-11:50am) 
    • Site Visitors Debrief (1:00pm-2:00pm) 
  • Vacancies: 
    • Technology Coordinator – Conducted interviews and offered position to a candidate. He is in the final stages of onboarding with CPS. Once that is complete, he will be Staffed and can begin working at KP full time. 
    • Diverse Learners Teacher – Master schedule was redesigned to ensure this vacancy was with a Cooperating Teacher (that means there is another fulltime teacher in the class). However, there are very few applicants. When hiring mid-year, we have to be mindful of the seniority of applicants because if they’re already in CPS, they could “bump” our current teachers in seniority. Administration tries to avoid situations like these so that we can keep our own. 

Culture & Climate: 

  • Our school logo is complete and now we are ordering “gear” for students, staff, and as promotional materials (popsockets, t-shirts, hoodies, pens, tablecloths, etc.). Once items are on hand, we will distribute to staff and students. A student event to unveil the new logo is tentatively scheduled for mid-April, pending the arrival of orders. 
  • Vacancies: 
    • Student Advocate – Once Luz Robles was promoted to Assistant Principal, she vacated her position as Culture & Climate Coordinator. Administration is reviewing resumes and have conducted one interview so far. No offers have been made yet. 
  • Marketing partner, In the Light Studios, was in the building a few weeks ago and took photographs of teachers and staff in action. These pictures will be used for the website. Currently, the website content is being developed by ILS in conjunction with some points of contact at Kelvyn Park. For example, we are highlighting the CTE Digital Media, CTE Allied Health, and JROTC programs at KP to promote the school to prospective students and their families. 

Parents & Community: 

  • February Parent & Community Events: 
    • 2/21 @9am in the Library – Café con el Director 
    • 2/24 @5pm – Last day to turn in LSC Candidate forms 
    • 2/26 @5pm – Financial workshop for parents in the Library. Facilitators will a present in both Spanish and English for parents. The following topics will be covered: budgeting essentials, how to create an emergency fund, debt management, having proper protection, building wealth, and estate planning for the family. 
  • With the vote to maintain Kelvyn Park High School, the final edits are being made to the school’s logo. The logo embodies our CoRE Values: Community, Relationships, Empowerment. Principal is working with a clothing vendor to get new logo on gear for students, teachers, and staff and will unveil in conjunction with the new KP wear. 

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